Comodo® EV SSL + SGC Certificates

Server Gated Cryptography

Comodo® EV SSL + SGC Certificates come with all the must-have customer conversion benefits of the "green address bar", but with added SGC (Server Gated Cryptography) technology.

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Comodo® EV SSL + SGC Certificates Aren't Currently Being Offered by Trustico®

We pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional service and a great range of products. However from time to time a product will be discontinued because it can no longer provide the high standards of security we strive to provide. Good News! Alternate, more secure products are available.

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Only Trustico® Brings You These Comodo® EV SSL + SGC

Your SSL Certificate can be purchased, validated and issued today! Get your online business secured quickly using our seamless validation process. All the major browsers and devices trust Comodo® SSL Certificates, providing you with the highest level of security and compatibility with 99.9% of the world's internet population.

Trustico® Mobile Security Shield

When you buy a Comodo® EV SSL + SGC Certificate you can be confident that your SSL Certificate will be trusted by all modern devices and web browsers. Great News! Your SSL Certificate will be issued by Comodo® using our fully automated fulfillment system. Comodo® are a leading SSL Certificate Authority.

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Our pricing structure for Comodo® EV SSL + SGC is well below the recommended retail price. Buy for multiple years and the cost of Comodo® EV SSL + SGC works out to be excellent value at its lowest price of only $0.00 per year.

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Our unlimited reissuance policy for Comodo® EV SSL + SGC means that we will reissue your Comodo® EV SSL + SGC Certificate free of charge for the life of the SSL Certificate validity, for any reason.

Trustico® Secure Lock

Comodo® EV SSL + SGC can be installed easily on any server that supports the use of an SSL Certificate. Trustico® includes the added benefit of Unlimited Server Installation licences and a $1,750,000 warranty.

About Comodo® Certificate Authority

About Comodo® Certificate Authority (CA)

Your SSL Certificate Will be issued by Comodo® a world leading Certificate Authority. Comodo® is trusted by 99.9% of web browsers.

Purchasing a trusted SSL Certificate from Trustico® ensures that visitors to your website will never see annoying pop-ups or any other SSL Certificate errors.

Trustico® Secures Your Root Domain

Trustico® Secures Your Root Domain Name

One of the additional benefits to being a Trustico® customer, is that we will automatically secure your Root domain for free!

For example, if we receive an order for - we'll make sure that both and are secured. It's important to secure both.

Comodo® EV SSL + SGC Is Issued To Your Organization

Comodo® EV SSL + SGC SSL Certificates require the most thorough authentication process performed in order to be sure that any company certified is a legitimate operation. This aspect of the EV standard combine to create a strong defense against phishing scams.

Typically it is expected that Comodo® EV SSL + SGC is delivered within 48 hours of receiving all of the required identity documentation. Generally we advise customers to allow up to 7 days to gather the required identity documentation, though, issuance can be achieved quickly if documentation is received promptly.

To qualify for Comodo® EV SSL + SGC the company requesting the SSL Certificate must be registered as a corporation or equivalent with the appropriate government agency in its country of jurisdiction. Official government agency records must include the company's registration number, date of registration or incorporation and the registered office or address. More Information

Give Customers Confidence & Secure Your Infrastructure Instantly

As a global innovator of cybersecurity solutions, Comodo® protects critical information across the digital landscape.

Building on its unique position as the world's largest Certificate authority, Comodo® authenticates, validates and secures networks and infrastructures from individuals to mid-sized companies to the world's largest enterprises.

Comodo® provides complete end-to-end security solutions across the boundary, internal network and endpoint with innovative technologies solving the most advanced malware threats, both known and unknown.

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Install your website trust seal to automatically identify to your visitors that your website is genuine and secured.

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Our SSL Certificates will work with any server, device, hosting account or application that supports the use of an SSL Certificate.

Our Comodo® Prices

Our pricing structure for our Comodo® products are well below the recommended retail price. Buy for multiple years and the cost of your Comodo® product works out to be excellent value and we'll even match any competitor price you have found. More Information

Comodo® Products Our Reseller Price
United States Dollars
Our Retail Price
New Zealand Dollars
Renew Order
Positive SSL $11.95 $36.01 Renew Order
Positive SSL Wildcard $119.00 $287.03 Renew Order
Positive SSL + Multi Domain $37.00 $108.31 Renew Order
Comodo® SSL $49.00 $142.61 Renew Order
Comodo® SSL Wildcard $219.00 $550.60 Renew Order
Comodo® SSL + UCC $147.00 $427.84 Renew Order
Comodo® EV SSL $109.00 $268.98 Renew Order
Comodo® EV SSL + Multi Domain $159.00 $359.24 Renew Order
PremiumSSL Wildcard $179.00 $341.19 Renew Order
PremiumSSL Multi Domain $229.00 $482.00 Renew Order

If you decide to become a reseller of Comodo® SSL Certificates at Trustico® you will receive exceptional service that puts you in control of your frequent SSL purchases. Get access to SSL Certificate special offers, bulk SSL Certificate discounts and a preferential Comodo® SSL reseller pricing structure. Become A Reseller Instantly