Comodo® EV SSL Certificates

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Only $352.08 Per Year

Product Validity
$704.15   $741.20
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  • Includes Your Company Name (EV)
  • $1,750,000 Relying Party Warranty
  • 256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption
  • Up To 2 Years Discounted Validity
  • Delivered Via E-Mail Within 24 Hours
  • Green Address Bar

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Only Trustico® Brings You These Comodo® EV SSL Benefits

  • When you buy a Comodo® EV SSL Certificate you can be confident that your SSL Certificate will be trusted by all modern devices and web browsers. Great News! Your SSL Certificate will be issued by Comodo® using our fully automated fulfillment system. Comodo® are a leading SSL Certificate Authority.
  • Our pricing structure for Comodo® EV SSL is well below the recommended retail price. Buy for multiple years and the cost of Comodo® EV SSL works out to be excellent value at its lowest price of only $352.08 per year.
  • Our unlimited reissuance policy for Comodo® EV SSL means that we will reissue your Comodo® EV SSL Certificate free of charge for the life of the SSL Certificate validity, for any reason.
  • Comodo® EV SSL can be installed easily on any server that supports the use of an SSL Certificate. Trustico® includes the added benefit of Unlimited Server Installation licences and a $1,750,000 warranty.

Buy Comodo® EV SSL From Only $352.08 Per Year

Trustico® makes it quick and easy to order your new Comodo® EV SSL Certificate.

Your Comodo® EV SSL Certificate order will be submitted instantly and delivered via e-mail.

Choose your validity here and use the following ordering buttons to go directly to our fully automated ordering system.

Buy Comodo® EV SSL From
Only $352.08 Per Year

Product Validity
$704.15   $741.20
Renew Order

About Comodo® Certificate Authority (CA)

Your Company Name

Trustico® Will Secure Your Root Domain Name

Comodo® EV SSL Is Issued To Your Organization

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate requires full organization validation. This ensures that the green address bar stands for only the most trusted companies.

To qualify for Comodo® EV SSL the company requesting the SSL Certificate must be registered as a corporation or equivalent with the appropriate government agency in its country of jurisdiction. Official government agency records must include the company's registration number, date of registration or incorporation and the registered office or address.

Typically it is expected that Comodo® EV SSL is delivered within 48 hours of receiving all of the required identity documentation. Generally we advise customers to allow up to 7 days to gather the required identity documentation, though, issuance can be achieved quickly if documentation is received promptly. More Information

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Comodo® EV SSL Recommended Retail Price $449.00
Exceptional Value! Trustico® Reseller Price $169.00
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Compare Comodo® EV SSL With Our Other SSL Certificate Products

Each SSL Certificate has it's own unique features and benefits. We've got many SSL Certificates to choose from, check out the comparison below to ensure your getting the right SSL Certificate for your needs.

  Comodo® EV SSL Comodo®
Comodo® EV SSL
+ Multi Domain
Certificate Authority (CA) Comodo® Comodo® Comodo®
Trustico® Retail Price $370.60 $735.00 $1,111.81
Validation Method Extended (EV) Extended (EV) Extended (EV)
Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) No Yes No
Hash Algorithm SHA-2 SHA-2 SHA-2
UC - SAN - Multi Domain Upgrade Required
+ Multi Domain
No Yes
Mobile Ubiquity Yes Yes Yes
Assurance Maximum Trust Maximum Trust Maximum Trust
Site Seal Type Dynanic Seal Dynamic Seal Dynamic Seal
Site Seal Comodo SSL Site Seal Comodo SSL Site Seal Comodo SSL Site Seal
Included Warranty $1,750,000 $1,750,000 $1,750,000
Encryption Strength 256 Bit 256 Bit 256 Bit
Product Information More Info More Info More Info
Renew Online Renew Renew Renew
Order Online Order Order Order
Issuance Speed Within 48 Hours Within 48 Hours Within 48 Hours

If you're not sure which SSL Certificate to choose please call 0800 300 SSL or visit our Contact Us page to speak with us via Live Chat and E-Mail. There's no risk when purchasing your new SSL Certificate right now via the Trustico® website. Click Here to find out about our No Risk Refund Guarantee.