My Credential™ For Adobe®

Sign PDF Documents

My Credential™ For Adobe® is changing the way enterprises use and trust electronic information. It allows authors to create Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) documents that clearly certify to recipients that the author'’'s identity has been verified by a trusted organization and that the document has not been altered.

Trustico® Adobe Document Signing

My Credential™ for Adobe® enables individuals to publish and digitally sign PDF documents anywhere, anytime with a digital certificate stored on a token. My Credential™ for Adobe® provides Certified Document Solutions (CDS) certificates to support real-time certification of Adobe® PDF files when viewed with Adobe® Reader. The solution allows organizations and individuals to engage in more secure, reliable electronic document exchange.

Document Integrity - Seamless & Simple

Together, Adobe® and GeoTrust® have developed a revolutionary solution for document security. My Credential™ For Adobe® is the first ubiquitous implementation of public key document validation technology and because it is embedded within existing Adobe® applications, it is truly seamless and easy to use.

My Credential™ for Adobe® enables authors to certify any Adobe® PDF document. When the recipient opens the PDF in Adobe® Reader, the document is verified in real-time. A message confirms the author’s identity (PDF signature) and the integrity of the document.

My Credential™ For Adobe® is available to either individuals or departments within a business or organization.

Desktop Based Solution - USB Token

The USB token is designed for low or moderate volume signing using Adobe® Acrobat. A FIPS 140-2 level 2 USB cryptographic token is issued to an individual (Sarah Jones) or a department (ABC Company, Human Resources).

The token, which holds the verified signer's CDS certificate, must be installed in the signing party's USB computer port, and each PDF document is signed individually, using a secure, two factor, process (Token Plus Password).

Applications For Certified Document Services

The need to certify document authenticity is stronger than ever in today’s electronic business environment. Digital signature capabilities enable important documents and information to be delivered inside and outside of a business, with added assurances that the information arrives exactly as it was intended.

My Credential™ For Adobe® is an ideal solution for any business that requires strong authentication of their Adobe® documents, including :

Financial Services that are driven by high value transactions, the conservative nature of business operations and need to adhere to government regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Educational Institutions that want to expedite the dissemination of transcripts and grades, and save on processing costs.

Health Care Organizations that must maintain highly sensitive information and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Manufacturing Companies that are facing pressure to reduce costs by streamlining business work-flow by replacing paper transactions with electronic transactions.

Government Agencies that need to support the e-government Act of 2002 and the Government Paperwork Elimination Act.

Other Uses for Certified Document Services include distribution of sales quotes, analysis reports, white papers, statements, invoices, press releases, privacy statements, human resource documents and any general communications that need to be verified as legitimate.

The Highest Level Of Document Security Available

Certified documents differ significantly from standard digitally signed ones. Although Adobe® Acrobat allows authors to sign PDFs with any x.509 v3 digital certificate, this isn't the same as signing a PDF document with a Certified Document Services (CDS) certificate issued by GeoTrust® (My Credential™ For Adobe®). A CDS certificate is signed by the "GeoTrust® for Adobe® Certificate Authority (CA)" that has been issued by the Adobe® trusted root and embedded in Adobe® Reader and Acrobat, versions 6.0 and higher.

Relying parties don't need to decide for themselves whether the issuing CA should be trusted since the Acrobat application automatically verifies the validity of the certificate and displays a message to the relying party that the signature and/or contents have been validated. In addition, CDS signing ensures the highest level of document integrity and verification because the user’s or department’s digital credentials must be stored on a cryptographic hardware device and they must be issued by a WebTrust certified certificate authority using strict guidelines.

How My Credential™ For Adobe® Works

Individuals, businesses and organizations interested in creating certified documents will be required to order My Credential™ For Adobe®, have their identification information verified and be provided with a digital certificate that can be used in Adobe® Acrobat to be able to create certified PDF documents.

Document recipients using the free Adobe® Reader 6.0+ will then have the ability to automatically validate certified documents with no additional software or configuration. The relying party simply clicks on a signature box within the document and is able to retrieve the certification status indicating whether the document is certified and if it has been modified. Signature properties, such as certificate details, signer’s contact information and validation method, can also be viewed by the relying party.

Additional Resources

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